Competition 2022

Come and visit the winning works’ exhibition

The International Competition for Intermedia Work of Art is organised by the Department of Intermedia at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. The International Competition for Intermedia Work of Art is organised for the second time. The competition is addressed to intermedia artists. The aim of the competition is to select works that open a discussion about the criteria for comparing and evaluating intermedia artworks, the forms of presentation of such works and the role of artistic creation in communication. The premise of the project is to compare works intended for identical or similar presentation formulas. In the 2022 edition, the competition will be held in two, separately evaluated categories: CAVE – multi-channel audio-visual projection and VR – virtual reality work. Works can be submitted to one or both categories of the competition.

The competition places no age restrictions on the authors of the works, no restrictions on the dates of creation, the performance of the works or their previous presentation or publication. In addition to meeting the presentation and judging requirements, proof of authorship of the work is required. The author must certify full ownership of the work. As well as to indicate in the competition entry their agreement to submit the work to the competition procedure and exhibition conditions. The organisers guarantee a public and online presentation of all eligible works, the evaluation and selection by the Jury, and the awarding of the prizes provided for in the competition rules. The organisers have appointed a three-member Jury consisting of artists and media art theorists, including a representative of the organisers.

Submit your works in one or both competition categories.