The International Competition for Intermedia Artwork is organised by the Faculty of Intermedia at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and the Foundation for the Development of Intermedia Art, operated by the Faculty. The International Competition for Intermedia Work of Art is being organised for the first time in 2018. The competition is intended for intermedia artists. The purpose of this competition is to identify works that open a discussion into comparison and evaluation criteria for intermedia works of art, the presentation forms of such works and the role of artistic work in communication. The main assumption of the project is comparing works of art that are intended for the same or similar forms of presentation. Therefore, the first edition of the competition will consist of two separately evaluated parts: a competition for Intermedia Artwork and a competition for Intermedia Artwork Concept. The works may be submitted for one or both parts of the competition.

There are no age restrictions for artists or restrictions concerning dates of creation, publication or presentation of works of art. Apart from meeting the presentation and evaluation criteria, it will be necessary to confirm authorship and confirm having full copyrights to the work of art as well as giving consent to subject the work to the competition procedure and exposition conditions. The organizers guarantee public and on-line presentation of all works meeting the competition criteria, their comparison and selection by an international Jury and the awarding of prizes provided for in the regulations. The organisers will appoint an international Jury comprising five persons – artists and media art theoreticians, including a representative of the organisers – the composition of which will be publically announced by 20 September 2018.

The works may be submitted for one or both parts of the competition.

Application deadline: 23th November 2018 - 11.59 pm CET due in...

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