Intermedia Artwork Concept

In this category, we invite projects and concepts for the Intermedia works, which are possible to create and the ones, which are more utopian. There are no thematic or formal restrictions. We have only one condition – the form of the recording and presentation of the project. We expect schemes, diagrams, conceptual sketches, execution instructions, graphical scores, etc. Letters and digits should be reduced to symbolic meanings, where they could specify order, direction and category. You can find out more about the form in the technical specifications, which may be downloaded below. As organisers, we guarantee public and online presentation of all works meeting the competition criteria. The comparison, choices made by the International Jury as well as allocating the awards shall also be made public and they will follow the regulations of the competition.

The winner in this category wins an opportunity to carry out the project.

The organisers shall work with the author to prepare the project and to fund its public presentation and promotion during the next edition of the competition.

How to apply?

Step 1

Please study carefully the technical specifications. The only requirement is that the project should be saved and presented in a graphic form (templates, diagrams, conceptual schemata, executive commands, graphic scores, etc.). Letters and digits should be reduced to symbolic meanings, where they could specify order, direction and category (the detailed list of conditions is attached/available for download in a pdf format).

Download the technical specification (PDF file)Download Terms and Conditions (PDF file)

Step 2

All files must be ready for download (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Wetransfer, FTP, etc.). Please provide us with a list of your files in the application form. Materials can also be sent on physical media (Blu-ray, DVD, Pendrive, Flash SD) to the address provided by the organisers.

Step 3

Please fill out the application form and send the materials to us.

Fill out the application form

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