The winners

The jury, comprised of Sidey Myoo – chairman, Dominik Kuryłek, Michał Hyjek, was in session from 17-21 October 2022. After reviewing all the eligible works in two categories – CAVE and VR – it reached a verdict alongside reasons for its decisions.

All the works participating in the Competition will be presented to the public during a post-competition exhibition from 13 to 29 November 2022 at the premises of the Faculty of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. An awards gala and exhibition opening will take place on 12 November at 6 PM.


Grand Prix Award and PLN 10000

Barbara Gryka (Poland), Dancing Motorcycles, 2020

A work featuring an original idea that was produced for viewing in the CAVE space and making full use of the nature of the four screens. The work is executed professionally. The artist uses the available technologies consciously. What draws attention in her work is the smoothly conducted narrative, the well-thought-out and efficiently presented choreography of the doc-camera performance and the perfect synchronisation of sound and image. In terms of content, this is a thoughtful work that addresses feminist issues. As reflected in the action, in which a female performer (the author) dressed in folk costume moderates helmeted motorcyclists with her dance. The machines orbit around the viewer in a hypnotic dance, which is heightened by the growling sound of the engines.  

Category CAVE Main Prize
PLN 5000

Zuza Banasińska (Netherlands), The House that Shadows Built, 2021

The work is notable for its very good application of CAVE specificity. It is technically excellent. The artist freely uses a rich set of means of image and sound processing, skilfully weaving a story on all available screens. She plays an interesting game with the images and clichés shaped by contemporary visual culture. In an ironic way, she encourages the viewer to confront the imagination shaped by the motifs recorded by the camera. 

Category VR Main Prize
PLN 5000

Lo-Def Film Factory (Francois Knoetze, Amy Louise Wilson, South Africa), The Subterranean Imprint Archive

Artwork that exploits the possibilities of VR technology perfectly. By using the method of reading hand movements in the interactive space produced by Oculus, there is a clear, intuitive, haptic interaction of the user with the work. What draws attention is the deliberate use of immersion. The work has a clear, clear storyline. It has been aesthetically well-designed. Its course depends on the decision of the user utilising a gaming structure to move from one stage to the next. At the conceptual level, the socially and politically engaged content of the work is striking. 

An extra-statutory Special Mention
in the CAVE category

Jakub Stelmach (Poland), In Our Mind We Are Alone, 2022

The jury also decided to award an extra-statutory Special Mention in the CAVE category. The work is distinguished by the coherence of a perfectly crafted musical composition with an abstract image. The visual motifs, alluding to cyber-culture, create an unsettling aura accompanying the viewing of the work. A work that is technically good. Excellent use of CAVE specificity with the inclusion of split four-channel sound. 

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