CAVE category

The competition in this category includes audiovisual works realised in streaming digital media, developed for presentation on four screens and four-channel sound broadcasting. The configuration of screens and loudspeakers will be prepared by the organisers and determines the form of broadcast of the works. Only those works that assume a presentation in the four-channel video formula with multichannel sound will be admitted to the competition. The organisers guarantee a public presentation of all the works meeting the conditions of the competition, their comparison and selection by an international Jury, the awarding of the Grand Prix and the Main Prize in the CAVE category, and the public exhibition of the awarded works at the competition venue in Krakow

The Jury’s verdict will award one Grand Prix prize of PLN 10,000 and the Main Prize in the CAVE category of PLN 5,000. 


Grand Prix of PLN 10,000

Main Prize of PLN 5,000

How to apply?

Step 1

Please study the technical specifications – the spatial configuration of screens and speakers are as illustrated in the picture; their specification is also the key to the description of individual files. The organizers take it upon themselves to prepare the work for presentation according to the attached template.

Download the technical specification (PDF file)Download Terms and Conditions (PDF file)

Step 2

Prepare the files. Four video files with a resolution of 1920x1080p (full HD), mp4 or mov, H.264 codec, max 24 Mbps, pixel 1.0, colour profile HD 1-1-1. Duration not exceeding 20 minutes. Four audio files AAC, 48000, 24-bit or AAC, 44100, 16-bit. Duration not exceeding 20 minutes.

Prepare download links for your materials (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Wetransfer, FTP, etc.) and provide them in the application form.

Step 3

Submit the prepared links by filling in the application form.

Fill out the application form