Intermedia Artwork

In this category, we invite audio-visual works created in digital media streaming, prepared to be presented on four screens and in 8-channel sound. The configuration of screen and loudspeakers has been set, please find below the illustration of the arrangement. We only accept four-channel video installation with multi-channel sound*. As organisers, we guarantee public and online presentation of all works meeting the competition criteria. The comparison, choices made by the International Jury as well as allocating the Grand Prix and Audience Award shall also be made public and they will follow the regulations of the competition. The awarded works shall be presented publicly in Krakow at the competition premises.

* What is a four-channel video installation? A four-channel video installation consists of four display devices employed in the same work of art within the same space. In case of doubt please consult such video pieces as Vito Acconci’s Remote Control (1971), or Christian Marclay’s Video Quartet (2002), a four-channel video projection.

Grand Prix: PLN 15 000

Audience Prize: PLN 5 000

The winners and Jury’s verdict

How to apply?

Step 1

Please find here the technical specifications for the artwork presentation. The spatial configuration of screens and speakers are illustrated in the picture below. As organisers, we take it upon us the preparation of the work for the exhibition according to the attached template.

Download the technical specification (PDF file)Download Terms and Conditions (PDF file)

Step 2

We accept files in the following format: Four video files Four video files (resolution of 1920x1080p; full HD), mp4 or mov, H.264 codec, max 24 Mbps, pixel 1.0, colour profile HD 1-1-1. Eight audio files AAC, 48000, 24-bit or AAC, 44600, 16-bit. Your videos cannot be longer than 20 minutes.

All files must be ready for download (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Wetransfer, FTP, etc.). Please provide us with a list of your files in the application form. Materials can also be sent on physical media (Blu-ray, DVD, Pendrive, Flash SD) to the address provided by the organisers.

Step 3

Please fill out the application form and send the materials to us.